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m pain, ache; — agudo sharp pain; — articular joint pain; — de barriga bellyache, stomachache o stomach ache; — de caballo (Mex, fam) side-ache; — de cabeza headache; — de cabeza en racimos cluster headache; — de cabeza tensional tension headache; dolores de(l) crecimiento growing pains; — de espalda backache; — de estómago stomachache o stomach ache; — de garganta sore throat; — de las articulaciones joint pain; — de la espalda baja low back pain; — de muelas toothache; — de oído ear ache; dolores de(l) parto labor pains; — fantasma phantom pain; — irruptivo breakthrough pain; — lumbar low back pain; — menstrual menstrual cramp, menstrual pain; — punzante sharp o jabbing pain; — sordo dull pain; sin — painless

dolorido -da

adj sore, tender, painful

doloroso -sa

adj painful; muerte — painful death

doméstico -ca

adj domestic; mf house-cleaner, person who helps in the home

domiciliario -ria

adj pertaining to the home, at home; fisioterapia — home physical therapy, physical therapy at home


m home; (dirección) address


adj dominant; mano f dominant hand


f donation; — de órganos (sangre, etc.) organ (blood, etc.) donation

donador -ra

mf donor


mf donor; — de órganos organ donor; — universal universal donor; — vivo living donor; semen m de — donor semen


vt to donate


m donepezil


m doping


f dopamine


m Doppler

dormido -da

adj asleep; (entumecido) numb, asleep (fam); Tengo dormido el brazo..My arm is numb (asleep); permanecer — to stay asleep; quedarse — to fall asleep, to go to sleep


vt (a un niño, etc.) to put to sleep; (fam, anestesiar) to anesthetize, (con anestesia general) to put under anesthesia, to put to sleep (fam); (con anestesia local) to numb up; vi to sleep; vr to go to sleep, to fall asleep; (entumecerse) to get o become numb, to go to sleep (fam), to fall asleep (fam); Se me duerme el brazo..My arm gets numb (goes to sleep, falls asleep).


vi to doze



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