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f skill, ability; habilidades comunicativas or de comunicación communication skills; habilidades de afrontamiento coping skills; habilidades parentales parenting skills; habilidades sociales social skills


f room, bedroom


m habit; hábitos alimenticios eating habits; mal — bad habit


f habituation

habituado -da

adj habituated


adj habitual, usual; (continuo) continual; la hora habitual..the usual time


f speech; desarrollo del — speech development; — apresurada pressured speech; — esofágica esophageal speech


vt, vi to speak, to talk


vt hace tres años..three years ago...¿Hace cuánto que tiene artritis?..How long have you had arthritis?; — caca (esp. ped, fam or vulg) to have a bowel movement; hacer(le) caso to mind; — daño to hurt, to harm; — efecto to take effect; — frente a to face, confront, (lidiar con) to cope with; — pipí (ped, fam) to urinate, to go pee pee (ped, fam); — pis (fam or vulg) to urinate, to pee (fam); — popó or pupú (fam) to have a bowel movement, to go poo poo (ped, fam); vi — del baño (Mex, fam), — del cuerpo (Carib), — de(l) vientre (Esp) to have a bowel movement; vr — una or la paja (vulg) to masturbate, to jack off (vulg), to jerk off (vulg)

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