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For almost six decades, General Ophthalmology has served as a concise, current, and authoritative review of the subject for medical students, ophthalmology residents, practicing ophthalmologists, nurses, optometrists, and colleagues in other fields of medicine and surgery, as well as health-related professionals. The nineteenth edition has been revised and updated in keeping with that goal. It contains the following changes from the eighteenth edition:

  • All relevant illustrations in color

  • Major revision of Chapters 6 (Cornea), 10 (Retina), 13 (Orbit), 14 (Neuro-Ophthalmology), 16 (Immunologic Diseases of the Eye), 20 (Causes and Prevention of Vision Loss) and 23 (Lasers in Ophthalmology).

We are grateful to Toby Chan, Victor Chong, Eleanor Faye, Allan Flach, Emily Fletcher, Douglas Fredrick, Elizabeth Graham, William Hoyt, Lisa Nijm, Adnan Pirbhai, Shefalee Shukla Kent, John Shock, Ivan Schwab and John Sullivan for their contributions to previous editions. We warmly welcome our new authors, Ahmed Al-Maskari, Dustin Curts, Munir Iqbal, Frank Larkin, Raeba Mathew, Lindsey McDaniel, James McHugh, Jonathan Pargament, Sobha Sivaprasad and Alastair Stuart.

Paul Riordan-Eva, FRCOphth
James J. Augsburger, MD
December 2016

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