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The authors would like to thank Mary Norton, Arun Wiita, Audrey Brumback, Jaekyu Shin, Susanne Haga, Mike McConnell, Joshua Knowles, Sherri Millis, Julie Mak, Erica Ramos, Wendy Rubinstein, Saivash Sarlati, and Kathryn Phillips for helpful review and comments.

Dr. McCarthy would like to thank the following mentors who inspired, supported and guided her throughout her scientific career: Therese Markow, Mary-Claire King and Geoff Ginsburg.

Dr. Mendelsohn would like to that those who have imparted their knowledge and enthusiasm for Genetics, including Anne Slavotinek, Renata Gallagher, Tony Wynshaw-Boris, Kate Rauen, Ophir Klein, Sy Packman, Joseph Shieh, and Bob Nussbaum.

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