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We would like to dedicate this book to our favorite teachers (one of whom is our Editor), who always made the process of teaching seem spontaneous and effortless. This book is also for house officers everywhere—who, with a little organization and a visual aid, can be made teachers too.

We would like to thank our consultants who contributed their time, thoughts, and substantive edits to this project, in order by chapter: Amil Shah, MD; Ole-Petter Hamnvik, MBBCh, BAO, MM; Molly Perencevich, MD; Christopher Gibson, MD; Holly Rawizza, MD; Francisco Marty, MD; Jeremy Richards, MD, MA; Sagar Nigwekar, MBBS; Eyal Kimchi, MD, PhD; Eli Miloslavsky, MD; and Sara Tedeschi, MD. We learned so much about your specialties from each of you along the way.

And finally, we also would like to thank our respective parents and sisters, who were our first and most patient teachers. We could not have arrived where we are without your love, dedication, and support.

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