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Talmadge E. King, Jr.:

I thank Mozelle for her love, support, and encouragement and to Talmadge and Almetta King for teaching me the value of hard work and education. In addition, I thank my daughters, Consuelo and Malaika, for their loving support and my granddaughters, Madison and Siena, for keeping it real.


Margaret B. Wheeler:

To my patients and teachers for their guidance and nurturing, my students and colleagues for their inspiration, and my family for unstinting support.


Andrew B. Bindman:

I thank my parents, Arthur and Bernice, who have encouraged me to contribute toward making a constructive difference in people's lives. I also thank my wife, Rebecca and our three wonderful children, Sarah, Julia, and Jacob, who have made an enormous positive impact on my own life.


Alicia Fernandez:

To the memory of my parents, Hector and Paulina B. Fernandez. De tal árbol, tal astilla.


Kevin Grumbach:

With appreciation to my family, colleagues, students, and patients, for all they have taught me.


Dean Schillinger:

I thank George Schillinger for demonstrating the potential for resilience in the face of vulnerability and for imbuing me with a belief that doctoring requires the head, hands, and heart; Zahava Schillinger for instilling in me the confidence and diligence to accomplish my goals; Nahum Joel for conveying his passion regarding science and the pursuit of social justice; Ariella Hyman for partnering with me in this struggle; and Eytan, Gabriel, and Micaela, who, when work becomes overwhelming, always bring me back to the simple joys of life.


Teresa J. Villela:

To Amado, Carolina, Elvira, Marcelo, Florentina, Gilberto, and Rosario, with great respect and gratitude, and to my brothers and sisters for all they have taught me.

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