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VIII.G.001 Der14 t(11;14)(q13;q32). G-Banding


der14 t(11;14)(q13;q32). G-banding. Arrow indicates the derivative 14 with elongated long arm.

VIII.G.002 T(14)(q32) FISH


t(14)(q32) FISH. Probes for 3-prime (red signal) and 5-prime (green signal) segments of the IgH gene. (A) Normal cell with two fused signals indicating normal juxtaposition of the 3 and 5 prime segments of the IgH gene on 14q32 (interphase preparation). (B) Abnormal cell. One fused signal and one red and green signal indicating translocation through IgH at chromosome 14q32 (interphase preparation).

VIII.G.003 Monosomy 13 (-13). G-Banding


Monosomy 13 (-13). G-banding. Arrow indicates monosomy of chromosome 13.

VIII.G.004 Monosomy 13 (-13). FISH


Monosomy 13 (-13). FISH. Probe for RB-1 of chromosome 13q14 (red). (A) Normal cell. Two red signals (interphase preparation). (B) Abnormal cell. One signal consistent with deletion of chromosome 13.

VIII.G.005 Monosomy 17 (-17). FISH


Monosomy 17 (-17). FISH. Probe for the P53 gene on 17p13.1 (red signal). (A) Normal cell with two red signals (interphase preparation). (B) Abnormal cell. One red signal compatible with loss of one chromosome 17.

VIII.G.006 Hyperdiploidy. G-Banding


Hyperdiploidy. G-banding. Trisomy 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11, 21, tetrasomy 15 and 19, and –Y.

VIII.G.007 Trisomy 9 And 11. FISH


Trisomy 9 And 11. FISH. Probes for centromeres of chromosome 9 (red) and chromosome 11 (green). (A) Normal cell. Two red and two green signals (interphase preparation). (B) Abnormal cell. Three red signals (three chromosomes 9) and three green signals three chromosomes 11 (interphase preparation).

VIII.G.008 Complex Abnormalities


Complex abnormalities. Arrows indicate abnormal chromosome 1, trisomy 3, 7, 11, 15, 19, monosomy 13, 20, structural abnormality of 21, and deleted Y chromosome.

VIII.G.009 Der(5)t(5;17)(q13;q21) G banding


der(5)t(5;17)(q13;q21) G banding. Unbalanced translocation of 5 with missing partner chromosome 17 resulting in monosomy 5q and monosomy 17p. Additional structural and numerical abnormalities including monosomy 4, 12, 13, and 17 and trisomy 10 and 21.

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