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VIII.B.001 T(1;7)(q10;q10) G-banding


t(1;7)(q10;q10) G-banding. Arrow indicates replacement of 7q by 1q.

VIII.B.002 Inv(3)(q21q26) G-banding


inv(3)(q21q26) G-banding. Arrow indicates inverted segment on long arm of chromosome 3. Note different banding pattern of lower portion of long arm compared to normal.

VIII.B.003 Del(5)(q13) G-banding


del(5)(q13) G-banding. Arrow indicates loss of most of long arm. Note also other numerical and structural abnormalities (e.g., monosomy 17, 18, 21, 22, and additional chromosomes labeled “A”).

VIII.B.004 -5/del(5)(q13) FISH


-5/del(5)(q13) FISH. EGR1 gene probe located on 5q31. (A) Normal cell. Note two green signals reflecting centromere probe for chromosome 5 and two red signals for the EGF1 gene on band 5q31 (interphase preparation). (B) Abnormal showing two green signals for the centromeres of the two chromosomes 5, but absence of one red signal indicating a deletion of 5q involving EGR1 gene on 5q31 (interphase preparation).

VIII.B.005 Monosomy 7 (-7) G-Banding


Monosomy 7 (-7) G-banding. Arrow indicates loss of one chromosome 7. Note additional abnormality labeled “A,” which is an inverted chromosome 6 involving both the p and q arms.

VIII.B.006 Monosomy 7 (-7) FISH


Monosomy 7 (-7) FISH. Probe for centromere of chromosome 7 emitting a green signal. (A) Normal cell showing signal for two chromosome 7 (interphase preparation). (B) Abnormal showing only one signal for chromosome 7 (interphase preparation).

VIII.B.007 Del(7)(q22) G-banding


del(7)(q22) G-banding. Arrow indicates loss of part of long arm of chromosome 7. Note also missing Y chromosome.

VIII.B.008 Trisomy 8 (+8) G-banding


Trisomy 8 (+8) G-banding. Arrow indicates additional chromosome 8.

VIII.B.009 Trisomy 8 (+8) FISH


Trisomy 8 (+8) FISH. Probe for centromere of chromosome 8 emitting green signal. (A) Normal cell. Note two signals in nucleus representing pair of chromosome 8. (interphase preparation). (B) Note three interphase nuclei emitting three signals in each nucleus, representing trisomy 8 (interphase preparation).

VIII.B.010 T(8;21)(q22;q22) G-banding


t(8;21)(q22;q22) G-banding. Arrows at chromosomes 8 and 21 ...

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