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II.B.001 Neutrophilia


Neutrophilia. Blood film. Marked increase in neutrophils in a case of metastatic carcinoma. Toxic granulation (visible purple granules) is present in the neutrophils. A lymphocyte is present in the center of the field (asterisk) and two monocytes are evident, marked by the asterisks. Two of the neutrophils are band forms; the rest are segmented forms.

II.B.002 Neutrophilia


Neutrophilia. (A, B). Blood films. Increased neutrophils in response to a bacterial infection. Note high proportion of band neutrophils, usually representing less than 1 percent of blood neutrophil population in the normal steady-state.

II.B.003 Neutrophilia. Toxic Granulations


Neutrophilia. Toxic Granulations. Blood film. Three segmented and one band neutrophil. Note prominent cytoplasmic granulation evident often in neutrophils in inflammatory states. Recall, individual normal specific neutrophil granules can not be resolved by light microscopy.

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