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I am indebted to several individuals at Saint Louis University (SLU) for the completion of this project. In addition to Drs. George Matuschak and David Brink, my longtime colleagues and friends, special thanks are due Dr. Paul Schmitz for making this shared dream of an "organ systems bookshelf" a reality. My departmental chairman Dr. Tom Westfall encourages a commitment to teaching medical students what they need to know; he steadfastly fosters a nurturing environment for the many faculty members at SLU who share his passion for the wonderful dialogue that education engenders. Our managing editor at McGraw-Hill, Michael Weitz, has provided critical advice and just the right amount of energy to keep us on deadline. His colleagues Ms. Regina Y. Brown and Ms. Nidhi Chopra collectively supported us through the publications maze to produce what we can see is an attractive and carefully edited book; factual errors rest with us, the authors. Finally, I am forever indebted to my wife and best friend Victoria Salvato-Lechner, who with our children Melissa and Andrew, carried me through the trials and tribulations of these past two years with great humor and no complaints.

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