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The authors would like to thank and acknowledge the many people that have contributed to the creation of this book. This book was born from the suggestion of Dr Robert M. Wachter, who provided us not only with the courage to pursue the enormous task of writing this book—all while still maintaining our clinical “day jobs”—but who also gave us constant support and encouragement throughout the process. Indeed, his book from this same series, “Understanding Patient Safety,” helped provide a model goalpost for us to strive toward. Our editor at McGraw-Hill, Jim Shanahan, similarly encouraged us along our way and consistently helped guide the making of this book. We are very grateful for his help, input, and enthusiasm. The staff at McGraw-Hill, particularly Christina Thomas, and the staff at MPS Limited, especially Ruchika Abrol, are responsible for turning hundreds of pages of Word document manuscripts into the finished product that we now have. We are very lucky to have worked with such a fantastic and professional crew. Victoria Valencia, MPH created and managed all of the tables and figures seen throughout this book. She also read through each manuscript chapter and provided thoughtful edits and input. Victoria is a remarkable project manager and we are extremely thankful for her significant contributions to this book.

We also would like to thank our colleagues that directly contributed writing for this book. Dr Steven E. Weinberger, President of the American College of Physicians (ACP), was generous enough to write a foreword for us, as well as help coauthor Chapter 10. It is truly an honor to work with someone that has delivered such thoughtful and inspirational leadership nationally on high-value care. Dr Cynthia D. Smith, also from the ACP, coauthored Chapter 10. As the leading force behind the ACP’s groundbreaking high-value care curriculum, Daisy has been a true leader in the work of educating our profession about high-value care and we are thankful for her input and mentorship. When looking for someone to help write a chapter about primary care, we could not have been luckier than getting to work with Drs Andrew F. Morris-Singer and David Margolius, who are a force to reckon with in the world of primary care redesign, chiefly through their extraordinary grass-roots organization, Primary Care Progress. We sincerely thank them for their writing of Chapter 9.

We are thankful to many of our colleagues at our nonprofit organization, Costs of Care, that have helped create and shape some of the frameworks and tools that we have used in this book. Dr Andrew Levy led the development of our “COST” framework and has been an excellent partner in Costs of Care. Dr Rupali Kumar helped lead the development of the “GOT MeDS” acronym for reducing medication costs for patients. Jordan Harmon, MHA has done an amazing job leading the advocacy initiatives for ...

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