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To carefully observe the phenomena of life in all its phases, normal and perverted, to make perfect that most difficult of all arts, the art of observation, to call to aid the science of experimentation, to cultivate the reasoning faculty, so as to be able to know the true from the false—these are our methods.

– Sir William Osler

Don’t strain for arrangement. Look and put down and let your sensibility be the sieve.

– Theodore Roethke

“Poetry and Craft”

. . the framing of hypotheses is the most difficult part of scientific work, and the part where great ability is indispensable. So far, no method has been found which would make it possible to invent hypotheses by rule. Usually some hypothesis is a necessary preliminary to the collection of facts, since the selection of facts demands some way of determining relevance. Without something of this kind, the multiplicity of facts is baffling.

– Bertrand Russell

“A History of Western Philosophy”

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