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Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) is a unique field. We have no anatomic region to claim as our terrain, thus we tend to treat the patient as a whole. In PM&R we emphasize functional improvement, and strive to maximize independence, quality of life, mobility, and function.

This text offers insight into the complex specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation. The field is diverse and dynamic. The book presents a practical approach to the PM&R patient, discusses common pathologies seen, and reviews complications that may present. We emphasize the clinical aspects of PM&R relying on evidence-based medicine. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures performed by the physiatrist are reviewed, such as electrodiagnostics, musculoskeletal ultrasound, and spine and joint injections.

Current Diagnosis and Treatment: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation lays down a foundation of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics before progressing to therapeutic exercise and modalities for treatment of pain and dysfunction. The text is completed with a review of primary care issues of concern for the disabled population that we serve.

Practicing physicians, residents and medical students will benefit from the use of this text. Students rotating on physical medicine and rehabilitation services will find that this is a useful introduction to the specialty. Residents will find it helpful to review with this book prior to SAE exams and specialty board exams. Physiatrists who are recertifying or wish to review topics in PM&R will find this text useful. Physicians from other specialties will find the book serves as an efficient means for learning about the field and about particular rehabilitation issues with which their patients may be dealing.

We would like to acknowledge Harriet Lebowitz and Brian Belval for their vision, patience, and invaluable assistance in bringing this project to fruition. We also thank Donna Frassetto for her meticulous editing of the text. We are appreciative of all of the Temple and Moss faculty and alumni, as well as other colleagues, for their tireless efforts in completing their contributions to the book.

I thank my family, Pamela, Maxwell, and Asher, for their support, assistance, and patience during the completion of this book. They have stood by me throughout this prolonged journey.

Ian B. Maitin, MD, MBA

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