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Neoplastic Disorders

Which of the following is the most common benign neoplasm in pregnancy?

a. Ovarian cyst

b. Pyogenic granuloma

c. Endocervical polyp

d. Breast fibroadenoma

What are the most common cancers in pregnancy?

a. Breast, thyroid, cervix

b. Breast, cervix, lymphoma

c. Breast, thyroid, lymphoma

d. Thyroid, cervix, melanoma

Of the following imaging modalities, which is the safest during pregnancy?

a. Sonography

b. Computed tomography

c. Diagnostic radiography

d. Magnetic resonance imaging

When radiation therapy is needed during pregnancy, which of the following potential fetal risks should the patient be informed of?

a. Microcephaly

b. Mental retardation

c. Growth restriction

d. All of the above

Embryonic exposure to cytotoxic drugs may cause major congenital malformations in what percentage of cases?

a. 2%

b. 20%

c. 33%

d. 50%

Why is chemotherapy occasionally withheld in the last 3 weeks prior to delivery?

a. To allow the patient to breast feed

b. To decrease the likelihood of maternal neutropenia

c. To decrease the chance of fetal-growth restriction

d. To decrease the overall risk of late mutagenic effects

An ovarian cancer survivor presents for preconceptional counseling. She has had prior pelvic irradiation. With this history, she is at increased risk for all EXCEPT which of the following obstetrical complications?

a. Stillbirth


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