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The Puerperium

By definition, the puerperium lasts what time interval following delivery?

a. 3 weeks

b. 6 weeks

c. 9 weeks

d. 12 weeks

According to data from the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Surveillance System, which of the following concerns is most frequently expressed by women in the first 2 to 9 months postpartum?

a. Altered libido

b. Altered body image

c. Breast-feeding issues

d. Ability to return to work

Typically, one finger can easily be inserted through the internal cervical os for up to what time interval postpartum?

a. 3 days

b. 10 days

c. 21 days

d. 42 days

a. Uterus

What interval following delivery is required for the typical uterus to complete involution?

a. 1 week

b. 4 weeks

c. 10 weeks

d. 16 weeks

b. Uterus

Sonographically, approximately what percentage of women will have demonstrable uterine tissue or fluid in their endometrial cavity 2 weeks postpartum?

a. 20%

b. 40%

c. 60%

d. 80%

Your multigravid patient delivered 12 hours ago in a delivery with an estimated blood loss of 500 mL and without perineal laceration. Her epidural catheter has been removed, and she now complains of strong uterine contractions that accompany initial attempts at nursing. Her temperature is 37.0°C; pulse, 84 bpm; and blood pressure, 98/66 mm Hg. She has voided twice for a total of 800 mL. Her fundus is firm and minimal bright red blood is noted on her perineal pad. This clinical picture should prompt which of the following management plans?

a. Transvaginal sonography

b. Analgesia administration ...

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