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In the United States, which of the following gestational ages has the lowest associated fetal mortality rate per 1000 births?

a. 20 weeks

b. 30 weeks

c. 39 weeks

d. 42 weeks

In the United States, the definition of a fetal death includes all EXCEPT which of the following characteristics?

a. Death occurs prior to fetal expulsion.

b. No signs of life are apparent at birth.

c. Induced terminations of pregnancy are excluded.

d. It applies only to gestational ages greater than 14 weeks.

Reporting requirements for fetal deaths are determined by which level of government?

a. Local

b. State

c. County

d. Federal

The fetal mortality rate has declined since 1990 for which of the following gestational age ranges?

a. < 20 weeks

b. 20–27 weeks

c. > 28 weeks

d. None of the above

A 41-year-old G6P5 presents for fetal sonographic evaluation at 19 weeks’ gestation. The following image is obtained, which demonstrates an absent calvarium (an arrow indicates the chin and asterisks mark the eyes). Her medical history is significant for poorly controlled hypertension and diabetes. Her obstetrical history is significant for having a previous child with Down syndrome and a major cardiac defect. Which of the following conditions likely contributed to this particular fetal anomaly?

a. Diabetes mellitus

b. Advanced maternal age

c. History of an anomalous infant in a prior pregnancy

d. History of an aneuploid infant in a prior pregnancy

A 41-year-old G6P5 ...

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