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Breech Delivery

What percentage of term singleton pregnancies present breech?

a. 1–2%

b. 3–4%

c. 5–6%

d. 7–8%

Regarding the prevalence of breech presentation, which of the following statements is true?

a. It is stable throughout pregnancy.

b. It approximates 80% at 24 weeks’ gestation.

c. Across pregnancy, it increases with gestational age.

d. Across pregnancy, it decreases with gestational age.

The Term Breech Collaborative Group studied vaginal delivery of the breech fetus. Which of the following is a criticism of this study?

a. Serious morbidity was defined too strictly.

b. Only nulliparas were included in the trial.

c. Most of the providers were unskilled at breech delivery.

d. More than 10% of participants had radiological pelvimetry.

All EXCEPT which of the following are true regarding the “stargazer” breech fetus?

a. The fetal head is hyperextended.

b. Forceps are indicated for delivery.

c. Cesarean delivery is the safest delivery route.

d. The cervical spinal cord can be injured during vaginal delivery.

What is the risk that breech presentation will reoccur at term in a second pregnancy?

a. 0.5%

b. 2%

c. 10%

d. 12%

Which of the following is a known risk factor for breech presentation?

a. Oligohydramnios

b. Maternal diabetes

c. Prior forceps delivery

d. Anterior placental implantation

After reviewing all available studies, which of the ...

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