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Obstetrical Analgesia and Anesthesia

Approximately what percentage of maternal deaths are attributable to anesthetic complications?

a. 1.2%

b. 2.4%

c. 3.6%

d. 4.8%

Which of the following statements is true regarding the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists opinion on which patients should receive anesthesia in labor?

a. All patients with heart disease

b. All patients with severe preeclampsia

c. All patients with gestational diabetes

d. Any woman who requests it and has no contraindication to its administration

Which parenteral anesthetic agent has the shortest neonatal half-life?

a. Morphine

b. Nalbuphine

c. Meperidine

d. Butorphanol

What is the half-life of meperidine in the newborn?

a. 4 hr

b. 9 hr

c. 13 hr

d. 21 hr

What percentage of newborns will need naloxone treatment in the delivery room if their mother has received meperidine in labor?

a. 1%

b. 3%

c. 5%

d. 10%

Which patient should not receive naloxone while in labor?

a. A patient with severe preeclampsia

b. A patient with respiratory depression

c. A newborn of a narcotic-addicted mother

d. A patient who has just received intravenous morphine

What is the direct cause of most maternal deaths involving regional anesthesia?

a. Drug reaction


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