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Physiology of Labor

Of the four phases of parturition, phase 2 is characterized by which of the following?

a. Uterine activation, cervical ripening

b. Uterine quiescence, cervical softening

c. Uterine involution, cervical remodeling

d. Uterine contraction, cervical dilatation

Which phase of parturition corresponds to the clinical stages of labor?

a. Phase 1

b. Phase 2

c. Phase 3

d. Phase 4

During which of the stages of labor is the fetus delivered?

a. Stage 1

b. Stage 2

c. Stage 3

d. Stage 4

All EXCEPT which of the following cervical functions and cervical events take place during phase 1 of parturition?

a. Maintenance of cervical competence despite growing uterine weight

b. Maintenance of barrier between uterine contents and vaginal bacteria

c. Alterations in extracellular matrix to gradually increase cervical tissue compliance

d. Alteration of cervical collagen to stiffen the cervix

Cervical softening in phase 1 of parturition results in part from which of the following?

a. Stromal atrophy

b. Increased stromal vascularity

c. Increased collagen monomer cross-linking

d. All of the above

Contraction-associated proteins (CAPs) within uterine smooth muscle prepare it to contract during labor. CAP concentrations increase during phase 2 of parturition and include all EXCEPT which of the following proteins?

a. Connexin 43

b. Oxytocin receptor

c. Progesterone receptor A

d. Prostaglandin F receptor


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