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Fetal Imaging

Which of the following statements accurately describes the relationship between tissue penetration and image resolution in ultrasound?

a. Higher-frequency transducers yield better image resolution.

b. Lower-frequency transducers yield better image resolution.

c. Higher-frequency transducers penetrate tissue more effectively.

d. None of the above

Although sonography is generally considered safe in human pregnancy, the potential for temperature elevation is increased in which of the following situations?

a. Third trimester

b. Longer examination time

c. Near soft tissue rather than bone

d. All of the above

Documentation of embryonic or fetal cardiac activity should be accomplished with which of the following types of ultrasound?

a. M-mode

b. L-mode

c. Color Doppler

d. Pulsed Doppler

What is the single most accurate biometric predictor of gestational age?

a. Crown-rump length

b. Head circumference

c. Abdominal circumference

d. Gestational sac mean diameter

Sonographic evaluation of all EXCEPT which of the following are best achieved in the first trimester?

a. Adnexa

b. Cervical length

c. Ectopic pregnancy

d. Chorionicity of twins

An anembryonic pregnancy may be accurately diagnosed at what mean gestational sac diameter when using transvaginal ultrasound?

a. 5 mm

b. 10 mm

c. 15 mm

d. 20 mm

A 41-year-old G3P2 presents at 12 weeks’ gestation for a first-trimester sonographic evaluation. The nuchal translucency is ...

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