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Implantation and Placental Development

What is the average duration of a normal menstrual cycle?

a. 14–28 days

b. 25–32 days

c. 28–55 days

d. 40–50 days

Of 2 million oocytes in the human ovary present at birth, how many are present at the onset of puberty?

a. 200,000

b. 300,000

c. 400,000

d. 500,000

Which hormone is required for the late-stage development of antral follicles?

a. Estradiol

b. Androstenedione

c. Luteinizing hormone

d. Follicle-stimulating hormone

Which cells of the dominant follicle are responsible for estrogen production during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle?

a. Theca

b. Decidual

c. Granulosa

d. Endometrial

What name is given to the process through which the corpus luteum develops from the remains of the Graafian follicle?

a. Luteinization

b. Thecalization

c. Decidualization

d. Graafian transformation

What is the approximate peak production of ovarian progesterone during midluteal phase?

a. 10–20 mg/day

b. 25–50 mg/day

c. 60–80 mg/day

d. 75–100 mg/day

Which of the following is the most biologically potent naturally occurring estrogen?

a. Estriol

b. Estrone

c. Estetrol


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