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Overview of Obstetrics

The field of obstetrics encompasses all EXCEPT which of the following?

a. Prenatal care

b. Management of labor

c. Infertility treatments

d. Immediate newborn care

Registration of live births is currently assigned to which national agency?

a. Bureau of the Census

b. National Institutes of Health

c. National Center for Health Statistics

d. Department of Health and Human Services

How does the National Vital Statistics System, using data from the National Center for Health Statistics, define fetal death for its reports?

a. Fetal weight > 350 g

b. Fetal weight > 500 g

c. Gestational age > 20 weeks

d. Gestational age > 24 weeks

The perinatal period starts after delivery at 20 weeks’ gestation or older. When does it end?

a. 7 days after birth

b. 1 year after birth

c. 28 days after birth

d. 1 calendar month after birth

Which of the following is synonymous with fetal death rate?

a. Stillbirth rate

b. Perinatal death rate

c. Spontaneous abortion rate

d. Early neonatal death rate

At the state level, which of the following is used to define fetal death?

a. Fetal death > 20 weeks’ gestation

b. Fetal death with a birthweight of ≥ 500 g

c. Any fetal death regardless of gestational age

d. Each has been used

Which of the following is defined as the sum of stillbirths and ...

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