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Lid Eversion Exam Technique

From: The Atlas of Emergency Medicine, 4e

This video shows a common technique error in the begining and the correct technique at the end. The ERROR occurs in step 3 below, when the student pulls up without first pulling out and cannot evert the lid. Here is the CORRECT technique: 1) Have the patient look slightly down. 2) Place a q-tip or cotton tipped applicator (CTA) in the upper lid sulcus and rotate the applicator to slightly evert the eyelashes. 3) Grasp the eyelashes and while applying slight counter traction on the CTA, pull the eyelid OUT and then UP OVER the CTA to evert the lid. 4) Hold the everted lid with your thumb to keep the lid everted during the exam. 5) When completed, ask the patient to look up and blink. This will restore the lid to it's normal position.

Author(s) Christopher S. Weaver, Kevin J. Knoop
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