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This is the first edition of Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Pulmonary Medicine in this respected and well-read series of books dedicated to important topics in the practice of clinical medicine.

The book is designed as a resource for practicing clinicians and those in training. It includes in-depth but concise discussions of topics an internist or family medicine physician might independently manage, as well as conditions that require referral to a pulmonary subspecialist. It is intended to be a quick reference to provide the busy clinician and clinician-in-training with clinically relevant information. It is not intended to be an exhaustive review of all aspects of pulmonary science and medicine, but includes references to direct the stimulated reader to more detailed information.

It has been a privilege working with our contributing authors, many of whom are our mentors at the University of Colorado. Our contributor pool draws deeply from the talented physicians, teachers, and investigators who have trained in the University of Colorado pulmonary training program over the years. The quality of this book mirrors the outstanding character of these people; it is a pleasure highlighting their knowledge and extensive clinical experience with this publication.

Michael E. Hanley, MD
Carolyn H. Welsh, MD

Denver, Colorado
September 2003

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